(Pre-prints are available from my DBLP page. If you can’t find a copy, feel free to email me.)

  • Dynamic Complexity of Expansion
    (with Samir Datta and Anuj Tawari)
    CSR 2021
  • Improving and Extending the Testing of Distributions for Shape-restricted Properties
    (with Eldar Fischer and Oded Lachish)
    Algorithmica, 2019
    Preliminary version in STACS 2017
  • Fast Distributed Algorithms for Testing Graph Properties
    (with Keren Censor-Hillel, Eldar Fischer and Gregory Schwartzman)
    Distributed Computing, 2019
    Preliminary version in DISC 2016
  • A Sublinear Tester for Outerplanarity (and other Forbidden Minors) with One-Sided Error
    (with Hendrik Fichtenberger, Reut Levi and Maximilian Woetzel)
    ICALP 2018
  • A Two-Sided Error Distributed Property Tester for Conductance
    (with Hendrik Fichtenberger)
    MFCS 2018
  • Expanding Generating Sets for Solvable Permutation Groups
    (with V. Arvind, Partha Mukhopadhyay and Prajakta Nimbhorkar)
    SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 2018
    Preliminary version in MFCS 2012
  • On the Isomorphism of Decision Trees and Decision Lists
    (with V. Arvind, Johannes Koebler, Sebastian Kuhnert, Gaurav Rattan)
    Theoretical Computer Science, 2015 Preliminary version in FCT 2013
  • Trading Query Complexity for Sample-based Testing and Multi-testing Scalability
    (with Eldar Fischer and Oded Lachish)
    FOCS 2015
  • Isomorphism Testing of Boolean Functions Computable by Constant-Depth Circuits
    (with V. Arvind)
    Informationa and Computation, 2015
    Preliminary version in LATA 2012
  • Approximate Graph Isomorphism
    (with V. Arvind, Johannes Koebler and Sebastian Kuhnert)
    MFCS 2012